5 ways to get more traffic to your blog

November 11, 2009

You have created a nice and informative blog but theres no one to read your blog. I am sure you are finding ways to reach out to more visitors. Let me help you to get more visitors for your blog.

Just read the following points carefully and implement:

Social Media websites – This is proved as one of the most effective tool to spread the word about your latest blog posts and get people to join in the conversation with a blog comment. So drop in SM websites like FaceBook, Tweeter, FriendFeed, Plaxo and BlogCatalog.

Replying comments – Reply comments, if necessary. This shows that you care every users and encourage them to ask question, give suggestion for your blog and keep the commenter coming back to your blog.

Ask questions – Yeah question, which attract users to drop or share his/her thoughts about the issues. So add a question after posts wherever possible.

Search for partners – You got a blog on business topic, find more quality blogs on similar topic on the web. Send a partnership proposal to the admin of those blogs. Becareful, if you are trying to provide any kind of service for your local market then its better not to approach blogs which offer same service in your area. You know the reason very well.

I am sure, you are looking for point number 5. Sorry I have those 4 only, and I keep open number 5 for you guys. So share your experience, if any :).


95 Useful SEO Tips And Tricks

August 27, 2009

Today while I was searching for some info on SEO. I came across lots of websites which certainly provides useful info on SEO. And heres one of them 95 SEO Tips and Tricks for Powerful Search Engine Optimization . This is really well written and categorized. And I am sure this info will not only help to beginners but also to the Expert in SEO field.
Enjoy reading πŸ™‚


Lists of 50 High PR Web Directory

January 7, 2009

Are you searching for free web directory?

If yes then your search ends here.

I have just listed 50 high PR Free Web Directory. I’ll add more free web directories when I will get time. Till then use this list and enjoy.


Twitter, another successful social networking

December 27, 2008

Twitter, an another successful social media website. Here, you will meet people from all over the world. You may find people of your interest too.Β  I found twitter is bit different and interesting in terms of mobile texting, instant messages, and 140-character messages called “Tweets” from other Social Media websites. Twitter not only helps to increase your friends number on the web but also helps to exchange thoughts. People are using it to promote their business and you can do as well but in ethical manner. I have shared few points which will certainly help you in Twitter community:

– Just telling about yourself will not do, try to point out interesting things in your space too.
– Follow interesting people and people of your field.
– Build up your followers lists by commenting on others tweets.
– Share your views as well as ask others to share their interests.
– Always be helpful.
– Sometimes talk about non-business matter too.
– Share your blog post with a question OR upcoming post topic.
– Share your stuff with useful advice, pictures, videos etc.
– If you are doing online business then Twitter is surely gonna be helpful to develop your business.

Its not the end, there may be some more ways which could be proved helpful for you and your business.


Good luck πŸ™‚


Google should blur sensitive locations on Google Earth says Indian Government

December 15, 2008

Yes after a tragic terrorist attack in Mumbai, the legal advocates of India has demanded that the Google should blur the sensitive locations on Google Earth. According to them the Google Earth not only helped them to read the locations but also availing the access of photos of sensitive locations.

Not only India but also Australian officials asked Google to erase the Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor from Google Earth in 2005. Recently USA Today informed to the Govt. that images of important areas is quite easily available on Google Earth and other mediums.

And it’s not just Google Earth. Earlier this year, the Pentagon banned Google StreetView cars from taking photos on U.S. military bases.

This is indeed a sensitive issue and Google should take a reasonable step to solve this issue asap.


Tips to make your web directory submission successful

October 13, 2008

Among all other link building strategies, Directory Submissions is one of the easiest and fastest way to get one way back links for your website. Submitting in web directories not only get your website one way back-link but also could be proved a solid back-link after few days or months, if web directories are maintained and managed properly.

I am sure all of you heard about dmoz.org web directory. That’s a pretty old and well-maintained human edited directory. But today it has become tough to get listed in dmoz. There are some more quality free web directories like joeant.com, lii.org, jayde.com. I have seen every day about 5-10 new web directories are launched. And I am sure you can get not less than 10 web directories every month, which are edited by the human. From there you can choose the quality one. But how would you understand whether it’s a quality one or not? I have shared few points, which will certainly help you to recognize the quality web directory.

1) Submission guidelines – Yes this is the most important aspects in directory submission. I feel this part assure you that your website is submitted in quality web directories. If you don’t find then you can avoid that for the time being. I know its time taking to read such a lengthy guidelines but trust me this will not harm rather benefit your website.

2) Category Listings – Choose the proper category to list your website and see how they are maintaining their categories. If you select the category “Internet” then check whether they are listings only Internet related websites or not. If it is maintained properly then submit.

3) Category urls – This is another important factor in directory submission. Before you submit your website in any webdirectory, just have a look at the category urls where you want to list your website. Yeah, this would be better for your website, if the url is static e.g.- http: //www.aaa. com/internet.html . Because search engines dislike dynamic urls e.g. http://www.aaa .com/internet /thread. php?threadid= 12345&sort=date.

4) Automoted and Link farm directories – How would you understand its an automoted or link farm? My Point no.2 can help you to ubderstand this better. Yeah just visit the website categories if you find relevant websites listed then thats a genuine web directory, if not then simply skip that.

5) Number of external links – To get the better result from your effort, try to submit your website in those web directory where external links are maintained minimum 20 and maximum 50 links per page. As you know if links increase then the search engine value decreases.

6) No follow attribute – If you are worried about SEO value then simply skip coz Search Engine do not crawl such link with this attribute. If you find that web directory have good number of visitors and you care for visitors then you can submit there else just skip.

That’s not the end but those are important points which will definitely help you to submit your website in quality web directory.


Google Chrome

September 9, 2008

“Google Chrome for Windows Vista/XP” a new name in the browser world. As the name contains the word “Google”, so there is no point to tell you who launched this. Google claims that this is gonna be quite faster, safer, and easier. I have seen, some of the experts have talked about the positive and negative aspects of this browser. But I am not gonna say anything about this until I use it :). Meanwhile you can browse for more info about the new browser -> “Google Chrome”